Ever since the pandemic began, my step count and overall activity level have plummeted to rock bottom level. While I used to easily rack in 10,000 steps a day (the recommended amount for optimal health) without having to go to the gym to get in extra cardio, there are now plenty of days spent working from home where my only movement of the day is getting up to go pee or make a snack.

I know this lack of activity is not only bad for my physical health and circulation, but also my mental wellbeing, but I’ve found going to the gym to be a real pain after not being able to go at all on and off for the past two years. It’s really hard to get back into a routine after so much time off from one. And, I know I’m not the only one whose fitness game has suffered as of late. Fortunately, my sister (who also works from home full time) found an awesome and affordable solution to combatting a very sedentary, WFH lifestyle.

DIGTOGIM 2 in 1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill

Enter this compact, under $300 walking pad. You can use this super convenient foldable treadmill with a standing desk of your choice or alone while you’re catching up on your new favorite show. Either way, it’s going to get you moving much more than you’re doing now. The speed goes up to five miles per hour, so you can walk or slowly jog at your leisure. My sister has lost five pounds already after just using this thing for four weeks—she hasn’t changed anything else in her workout routine or diet. Frankly, if I hadn’t just committed to testing a full-size treadmill for my new home (review is coming!), I would have bought one the second she sent me the link.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to score some extra steps throughout the work day (or anytime!), look no further than the DIGTOGIM 2 in 1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill. Whether you have a dedicated office space to store it or live in a tiny studio apartment, you can toss this space-saving fitness machine under the couch, bed, or even a full closet.


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