Trevor Noah spent a few minutes of his Daily Show monologue digging into Alex Jones, “far-right commentator and man who makes Donald Trump seem like a reasonable human being,” whose defamation trial took a shocking turn on Wednesday after it was revealed that Jones’ own lawyer had accidentally sent a trove of damning text messages to the opposing counsel representing the families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims.

“Today in the trial, one of the funniest moments came when he found out that his inept lawyer had screwed up and sent the prosecution evidence that proved Alex Jones committed perjury,” the host explained before sharing an extended clip from the proceedings with viewers in which the InfoWars founder is caught red-handed.

“Oh shit, that was funny!” Noah said, barely able to control his laughter. “Oh man, I like how he was so shocked he started turning into every emoji.” He added that, “at one point he even tried to give himself COVID,” joking that Jones’ coughing fit may have been him pretending to have the disease he’s been calling fake for years now.

“You know you’re in trouble when the truth chokes you up like you’re on an episode of Hot Ones,” Noah continued. “But you realize, this moment is huge. Because it shows that Alex Jones probably committed perjury, which means Alex Jones lies about stuff.”

That “shocking” realization led Noah to wonder if “chemtrails from planes aren’t turning the frogs gay,” before asking, “Was that also a lie?!”

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