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It is near impossible to think of the number of times over the course of a month I will need a screwdriver or a measuring tape or a nail file or even just a small mirror and have nothing on hand to help me. Very similarly, using my keys or nails as a potential tool because I have nothing else on hand is a system that has only led to a rapid increase in my need for a nail file. There are so many random situations where having a tool on hand would make things exponentially easier, but I can’t start carrying around a loose bag of tools and knick-knacks that might possibly help me out on any given day. Fortunately, I found a game-changing and practical solution.

The Wallet Ninja 2.0 is the perfect way to carry your tool bag with you all from a cardholder in your wallet. The Wallet Ninja is a multitool in the shape of a basic credit card so it can easily fit in your pocket or in your wallet and be carried with your everywhere. The size and shape are major factors to its benefits because it isn’t clunky or too big to realistically be taken with you wherever. Yet, while its convenience and portability are major factors, by far the best part about it is the sheer versatility it offers. Nearly every time I need a tool or gadget for anything, the Wallet Ninja has what I’m looking for.

The first and arguably most important feature is the four corners of the card. Each corner is a different type of screwdriver. I have a Phillips head, flat head and even an eyeglass screwdriver at the ready whenever I need it. The eyeglass screwdriver in particular has been a major help for tightening up loose sunglasses without missing a step.

While the screwdriver might be the most important, the tool I use the most by far is the internal bottle cap opener. The amount of time I have been at a party and there is literally one single bottle cap opener for an entire room of people is almost comical. So, instead of every single person waiting in line just to open their drink, I just use the Wallet Ninja to speed up the process.

In addition to these tools, I have used the Wallet Ninja to open up boxes instead of letting my keys get all the tape gunk stuck to them, filed my nails on the file on the back, used the small mirror to make sure my hair looked alright, and tightened the legs on my bed frame using one of the six different hex wrench sizes. Furthermore, the device is also equipped with a cell phone holder which you can slide a card into and prop up your phone while you watch videos, two rulers for both inches and centimeters, a can opener, a fruit peeler, and a nail puller. I haven’t even used every single tool on the Wallet Ninja and I can’t imagine not always having it on my person.

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