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For both college students and food lovers of any age, the microwave is very easily one of the most convenient kitchen tools you will ever use. Not just for reheating leftovers, so many quick food recipes or pre-packaged items now specifically require the use of a microwave to cook exactly right. When I was in college, the microwave was a godsend that cooked everything from instant mac n’ cheese or bag of popcorn to perfection. That being said, the microwave has largely been neglected by the larger cooking appliance world.

Anyday changed this completely with its new College Dorm Set cookware. This cookware is designed specifically to not only be microwave safe but effectively cook food in the microwave by generating steam and heat inside of the main container. Each item comes with a glass lid that can release steam as it cooks or lock it into an airtight seal for storage in a fridge. The set itself comes with four different cookware containers in different sizes and glass lids to match each one. Anyday has created a number of different cookware pieces and set that help you utilize the full capabilities of of the microwave. The Complete Set shows off all six unique cookware items designed to properly cook anything from bacon and eggs to shrimp scampi. Anyday has a massive catalog of microwave-specific recipes online that range the entire spectrum of the culinary experience including the fine-dining world of dorm room favorites.

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