Missouri Senate candidate Lucas Kunce is not going to knock on a voter’s door and ask them to vote for him because he will reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

“They are gonna say, ‘535 members of Congress all said that, Mr. Kunce, and did it happen? No. Get off my porch.’ The system’s broken and we gotta run against that,” the former Marine tells Molly Jong-Fast in this episode The New Abnormal.

Kunce is opting for the blunt approach, like calling out his opponents for things like taking money from corporate PACs and taking Republicans to task for hypocrisy—as he does when Molly asks for his take on GOP senators refusing to vote for the burn-pit relief bill for veterans.

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“Finally, you know, an opportunity to invest in us and they all voted against it,” says Kunce. “They used us as political hostages. And so I wrote it in an op-ed and I put it on Fox News because I want the people who go to Fox to see that they are enemies of the people, that they’ve betrayed us, that they don’t care about the troops, they never support the troops.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) also joins this episode and shares why he is certain that Democrats will retain their power after the midterm elections thanks to Republican “clowns.”

“Every judiciary hearing they have, and we saw this last week, Republicans would start their questioning with, ‘Well, in four months when we’re in the majority… And it’s like, majority of what? Like, the majority of inmates at the D.C. jail?” jokes Swalwell. “You have Mitch McConnell in one chamber, whipping Republicans to vote for gun safety legislation, whipping Republicans to vote for anti-China investments. And in the other chamber, you have Kevin McCarthy whipping against the gun safety legislation. These guys aren’t focused or aligned.”

Swalwell then shares a list of the things that Dems have accomplished to back up his claims.

Plus! Molly and co-host Andy Levy talk more about that burn-pit bill and pose a major Jan 6 question: Where in the world are the missing text messages?

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