Atlanta is coming to a close. FX has unveiled the trailer for the fourth and final season of Donald Glover’s hit series, which will premiere only two and a half months after Season 3 aired. Yes, there was a two-year delay leading up to the sophomore season, and a three-year hiatus heading into last season. But why wait any longer? The final episodes are ready now.

This full trailer features the show’s collection of leads in their usual bouts of life. Paper Boi, a.k.a. Alfred (Brian Tyree Henry), is back in the city after last season’s trip abroad, along with Earn (Glover), Darius (LaKeith Stanfield), and Van (Zazie Beetz).

As to what the group is actually up to this season? Who knows. Van and Earn are on some sort of camping trip with their daughter Lottie, while Alfred can’t get his TV remote to work. “ESPN,” he commands, vocally, into a microphone-less remote. We’ll try that with “ATLANTA” next.

Though Glover and his crew have picked up a slew of Emmy nominations and five awards over the past seasons—he’s nominated for Best Comedy Actor again this year—Season 3 was a more divisive chapter in Atlanta’s history. Instead of honing in on its main crew of characters, the show deviated into three stand-alone episodes. On top of that, the show brought in Liam Neeson to drag on about his past racial controversies—which didn’t sit quite right with some viewers.

Still, this new trailer features the main cast in front and center. Does that mean there won’t be any surprise visitors? Not necessarily. This is Atlanta, and it’s the final season, so there are bound to be shockers. Maybe.

Atlanta has been a staple on FX since 2016. In its first season, Glover earned Emmy awards for an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series; the series has also picked up Golden Globe and SAG nominations. After Atlanta, Glover is set to work on an amazingly star-studded adaptation of Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Prime Video.

Atlanta’s fourth and final season will premiere on FX on September 15.

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