In the late summer of 2020, as the pandemic raged, when vaccines were a distant dream, and when life overall was a strange blend of stagnant and scary, those of us living along much of the east coast finally had something shake up the monotony. Unfortunately, it came in the form of Hurricane Isaias, which knocked out power to millions of people in and around New York City.

Living just a dozen miles east of Manhattan as we do, our family was squarely counted in those numbers. We’d be without power for several days (and remember these were the days when it was far from safe to stay in a hotel or even to appeal to friends or family for shelter.) So, for several days, we sweated things out in our hot, humid, and ever more stale and stagnant home. It was a memory of that miserable stretch of days that sent me looking for a portable air conditioning unit, but it was a sweaty, frankly miserable family camping trip that finally convinced me to finally pull the trigger and get one.

Thus, we recently got an EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner, a unit that’s about the size of two large shoeboxes stacked atop one another and that can cool a large room, an RV or cabin, or any tent in a matter of minutes. And, it can do that via a wall AC unit when you have power, a DC connection to a vehicle battery or generator as needed, or with its own multi-hour battery when you don’t have an energy source, be that because you’re camping in the woods or a hurricane caused a blackout.

Ecoflow Wave Portable Air Conditioner

Now, to be clear, this is not a cheap portable appliance; it’s actually rather a pricey unit. But if you camp out often in warm weather, it will make your recreation exponentially more pleasurable. If you routinely lose power at home, it will keep your home feeling welcoming and comfortable at all times. If you have a detached shed, office, or yurt where you like to hang out to work, write, paint, or whatnot, it will bring you the chill.

Plus, if you just want the peace of mind knowing you could cool any of these spaces and more in a matter of, say, 10 minutes with a portable AC unit that sets up intuitively in less than five, the EcoFlow is well worth your consideration and, most likely, your coin.


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