Officials in Greece have dismissed reports that a 22-year-old British tourist who was dismembered when he met with the razor sharp blade of a private helicopter when he died.

Jack Fenton was killed immediately when the horrific accident occurred Monday evening at an airport near Athens, which is used for private jets and tourist aviation. He and friends and family had rented two private helicopters to return from the party island of Mykonos and were scheduled to return to London by private jet hours after the accident occurred.

Reports pushed forward by a number of British tabloids—quoting speculation on a local TV network—and picked up by other outlets, suggested that Fenton was trying to get one last selfie from his dream Greek island holiday when he died.

His sister Daisy, 20, told MailOnline: “Perhaps he forgot something. But the line that he went back to take a selfie is rubbish. It’s a lie.”

But late Wednesday Ioannis Kondylis, who is heading the investigation for the Greek police, told reporters that he was not taking a selfie but that he may have left his cellphone or something inside the helicopter and had gone back to retrieve it.

“From the testimonies we have collected, it does not appear from anywhere that the young man wanted to take a selfie,” Kondylis said. “What is reported is that the 22-year-old was holding a mobile phone and had it to his ear, but it has not yet been clarified whether he was talking.”

Kondylis said that Fenton did follow the other passengers into the Lolo Airfield terminal but spontaneously returned to the Bell 407 chopper, ducking his head under the tail of the small aircraft. The thin tail blade spins at around 500 revolutions a second and would have been difficult to see.

He also reiterated that from interviewing the ground crew and pilots, all written procedures were followed, suggesting changes might be in the works for the popular tourist private air travel industry. “One ground employee went to the left door, one to the right, they disembarked and escorted them 20 meters to the building,” Kondylis told reporters, according to several outlets. “Then one stayed with them and the other ground attendant returned to the helicopter. The young passenger, unknown for what reason, returned to the helicopter. We don’t know why he came back.”

Kondylis said Fenton said nothing to anyone. “According to the testimonies, he was holding a mobile phone which he had to his ear, without us knowing if he was talking to someone,” he added. “When one of the ground staff saw him walking towards the helicopter he shouted loudly in English, ‘Stop, stop, stop’ but he didn’t listen.”

The pilot also heard the warning from the ground staff, Kondylis said, implying that if the pilot could hear them with headphones on, they were shouting loudly.

Police are now going through surveillance footage from cameras present at the helicopter pad to further determine whad led to the moment of impact.

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