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I’ll admit it: I really, really hate mopping my floors. It’s my least favorite chore in the house… I’d rather scrub the toilet or clean out the entire disgusting refrigerator than mop my floors. The issue is not just that I don’t enjoy the mopping activity—it’s boring and constantly having to bend over and ring out the mop hurts my back—but mopping is also inherently a multi-step process since you can’t mop floors until after you first vacuum them. Ugh. That’s another chore I don’t really feel like doing.

Enter the Tineco Floor ONE S5 wet/dry vacuum, a sleek and sexy (yeah, I said it!) vacuum that eliminates this two-step chore, dramatically simplifying the cleaning process so I can spend more time relaxing and putting off other chores. At only 17lbs, this lightweight vacuum is a breeze to push and the swivel steering means it’s easy to push under floor cabinet overhangs, hard-to-reach corners, and along tight edges. It’s also whisper quiet so I’ve found myself vacuuming close to midnight without waking up anyone else. The vacuum lives in a small, convenient floor charging unit, which I keep tucked into a corner so I can quickly grab it to clean up a mess.

I’ll admit that before I tried out the vacuum, I was skeptical. I saw a promotional picture online of the vacuum mopping up spilled cereal and milk and thought “there’s absolutely no way a vacuum can do that” but it actually can. I also tested out the vacuum at my sister’s house since her children, animals, and lovely but less-than-tidy husband often leave all sorts of “test subjects” on the floor.

Tineco Floor Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

I was expecting a big sloppy mess inside the dirty water tank but when I went to empty it, I found that all the debris had been sucked up and directed to a little trash bin that was separate from the dirty water. Even though I thought I had avoided the sort of objects that you normally wouldn’t want to suck up with a vacuum, in a single room, I found a paper clip, bits of broken plastic, several screws, pieces of old Amazon bags, a single purple Mardi Gras bead, human and dog hair, and little balls of the pink kinetic sand (kind of like Play-Doh) that my niece gets all over the place. Yikes! I dumped the debris in the trash, re-filled the clean water tank, and moved on to less-embarrassingly filthy rooms in the house. My sister has a large house and the floors were disgusting so it took me about 30 minutes to vacuum/mop 10 rooms, plus a few hallways. Not bad.

I appreciated how clear the instruction manual was, in addition to the handy instructions that are printed directly on the clean and dirty water tanks. There are also lots of audible reminders the vacuum gives so you don’t have to think too hard about when to do what. One time, I forgot to fill the clean water tank before vacuuming so a little automated voice notified me. The automated voice also lets you know when the battery is low, when it’s been sufficiently charged, when it’s time to empty the dirty water tank, and when you need to activate the self-cleaning step (a simple, two-minute process initiated by placing the vacuum on the charging base). The vacuum has a large digital display with 3D animation and smart sensors that go from red to blue when the floor is clean. I didn’t expect to like this feature so much but it was helpful when I was going over areas that didn’t look too dirty but which, apparently, had more filth than I could see (also a nice feature when reaching the vacuum to hidden areas like under furniture).

I don’t think that I’ll ever actually enjoy mopping floors but I know I’ll never stop loving clean floors. The Tineco Floor ONE S5 wet/dry vacuum has made it so much easier for me to keep my floors clean and I’ve been enjoying walking around barefoot a lot more lately. Happy cleaning!

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