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When it comes to fitness and health, my favorite part without a doubt is actually exercising and working out. It is the most immediately rewarding activity that helps keep me sane—God forbid I live a day without a good dose of endorphins. However, the part that I fall short (and likely most people as well) is nutrition. This doesn’t just include the food that I eat, but when I eat it and how much of it I’m having when I do. I tend to put off my meals throughout the day and eat much later into the night, leaving me going to bed way too full. At the same time, I’m not giving myself the right nutrients that my body actually needs (unless it really needs a sleeve of Oreos at 11 pm).

While I am actually motivated to give my body the right kind of food, I have a much harder time knowing what I actually need to function at my best. The Lumen Device has changed all of that. The Lumen Device helps track my metabolic state, gives me personalized nutrition plans based on my body and my goals, and legitimately provides me with results as to how I react to food and exercise.

Lumen Device and Subscription

The Lumen Device isn’t just some random fitness tracker or wellness app— it’s a premium health device that measures my exact metabolic state based on my breath. From there, the Lumen App reports whether I am currently burning fat or carbs. This changes throughout the day, so the app helps maximize the time when you are burning fat and improve the times you are burning carbs.

What takes the device to the next level is the fitness and nutrition personalization. Once you have added basic health metrics, inputted your personal goals and measured your breath, the Lumen App provides you with direct macronutrient plans. These plans give you personalized recommendations for the amount of protein, carbs and fat your body needs throughout the day to optimize your meals for your health goals. Additionally, you can log all of your meals directly onto the app so it will track everything you eat as you go about your day.

The app actually helps you boost your metabolism and optimize your health goals by monitoring it over time. The app can help you increase your own muscle mass, lose fat and regulate your day-to-day life without having to radically change your lifestyle.

Even if you aren’t actively looking to lose tons of weight or gain significant muscle, the Lumen Device is built to improve your health at the most basic level. Now that I use it, I can’t imagine going back. The Lumen Device might be the smallest device you can use every day to help your body out.

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