Following a month-long absence—and two Emmy nominations—John Oliver returned to the desk of Last Week Tonight on Sunday to excoriate the grifters and clowns of the week.

When we last saw him, he was going after Democratic leadership for their lackluster response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which included Nancy Pelosi reciting a poem and one House representative doing yoga in his office.

This week’s edition saw Oliver take on Josh Hawley, the ineffectual GOP Missouri senator who pumped his fist at the Jan. 6 insurrections to rile them up. On Thursday, the Jan. 6 Committee revealed footage of Hawley running for safety when the people he incited that day stormed the Capitol.

“That is painfully embarrassing,” exclaimed a giddy Oliver. “That is the gait of a man who has either just gassed up an insurrection that is now bearing down on top of him or just drank a large iced coffee forty-five minutes ago. Either way, those legs scream: I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Former D.C. police officer Michael Fanone, who was injured by the insurrectionists on Jan. 6, said of the Hawley video, “The first thoughts that popped into my mind was, ‘Josh Hawley is a bitch. And he ran like a bitch.’”

“Now, I personally would not say that. I’d say Josh Hawley is a bitch who ran like a chihuahua desperately trying to keep up with its owner on a casual walk. But you know what? To each their own.”

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