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I am a young man in years, but the way my neck and back feel every day makes me feel much closer to 70 on most days. If you ever see me around, you’ll see me constantly cracking my joints and stretching out small tweaks in my muscles in an attempt to somehow find that sweet spot where I feel good and relaxed. While sometimes my efforts are fruitful, the majority of the time, I’m left still seeking that wonderful place where my neck actually feels good and I’m not left wondering what position I could have possibly slept in to make my neck hate me.

This all changed when I tried the PAWING Neck and Shoulder Relaxer. Now, first and foremost, this device is not going to perform any miracles, so don’t use it when you really should be going to a doctor. That being said, I really don’t want to go more than a day without laying my head in it for at least a few minutes. The device is shaped like a small neck cradle lined with egg crate-style foam to provide additional comfort.

PAWING Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

What makes the neck relaxer so good is how it stretches your spine and neck. Because of its shape of it, you naturally feel your neck muscle relax as all the reliance on them to hold up your head is taken away. Additionally, the device is designed specifically to promote proper neck alignment.

When I actually use the device, the biggest thing I notice is how much pressure and tension is relieved from my neck. Instead of constantly trying to stretch my muscles or crack my joints, the neck is just relieved of having to keep everything together for just a few minutes and that feeling is probably more than worth anything else. The foam helps keep your neck in place and is surprisingly comfortable to lay your head on.

The PAWING Neck and Shoulder Relaxer serves to me as a way to slowly reduce overall neck pain over time while also providing immediate relief at the moment. I don’t expect it to replace physical therapy or even a great massage, but for the price, it is practically worth its weight in gold.

With so many gimmicky products available on the market promising the world when it comes to pain relief, this simple item might be the best for what it is. It gives relief when you need it and feels good to use. I use it because I can actually relax along with my neck when I’m laying in it. While this part may be a bit more anecdotal, I think that the more I use it the better my neck feels every day. At the very least, the device is a way to relieve pressure that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune. You can get the PAWING Neck and Shoulder Relaxer on Amazon at the discounted price of just $11.

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