Jeanine Pirro spent several minutes on Tuesday yelling about how President Joe Biden is a “wuss” who is “destroying the West” through his response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine – in other words, just another day on the Fox News roundtable show The Five.

Pirro began her rant by asking co-host Geraldo Rivera why Russian President Vladimir Putin did not launch an attack against the smaller eastern European nation during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

“I tell you right now that he didn’t do it when Trump was president because he knew that Donald Trump would come in: ‘If you touch one hair on one innocent civilian…’” Pirro claimed, paraphrasing what she believed the 45th president would have said in such a situation. “He wouldn’t care [if the country was] NATO or non-NATO. And don’t tell me that Putin isn’t afraid of someone.”

“Biden is responsible for the decline of the West,” Pirro stated bluntly, echoing Fox colleague Tucker Carlson’s comments on the topic. “What we are seeing right now is – I can’t say the word – is a wuss. We have a bully in…the schoolyard and everybody is back to the fence.”

Pirro then claimed that the oil supply in the U.S., Canada and Mexico is sufficient enough that “we could be our own superpowers.” Instead, she declared, Biden is “destroying the West.”

Rivera then asked his colleague, “How do you know Putin wasn’t playing Trump? How do you know?”

Pirro replied that Trump “had everybody against the wall,” and that Putin “was a wuss” during Trump’s tenure.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld, who nodded approvingly at the beginning of Pirro’s high-decibel diatribe, said as it ended that it might have been his “favorite conversation” of 2022.

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