Last week, Saturday Night Live opened with a plea for peace courtesy of the Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York. The choir sang “Prayer for Ukraine, a poignant religious anthem, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Things went a bit—okay, a lot—differently this week. Rather than a solemn tribute, SNL opened with the “Fox News Ukrainian Invasion Celebration Spectacular,” a televised event broadcasting live from Trump’s tony country club Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach, Florida. The special was hosted by none other than Fox News bigots Laura Ingraham (played by Kate McKinnon) and Tucker Carlson (Alex Moffat).

“Now, Laura, we got into a little bit of trouble for all the nice things we said about Russia and the mean things we said about Ukraine,” offered Carlson. “I kept asking, why do we hate Putin? Aren’t liberals in America even worse?”

“And I called the president of Ukraine pathetic. He stayed and fought with his people in the war, and I called him pathetic from a news desk in Washington,” added Ingraham.

Not to be outdone, Carlson countered, “I kept saying we should be more worried about our own border getting invaded by Mexico—but in my defense, I am racist, so I thought that was true.”

With that, the demented duo revealed that the special was to “raise money for the real victims of the invasion: the oligarchs.” “We need to think about babies—their sugar babies. Who will pour vodka in their mouths? So many horny mouths to feed!” pleaded Ingraham.

The phone lines, meanwhile, were operated by none other than former president Trump (James Austin Johnson), who seemed far more interested in rambling about Rihanna’s pregnancy, Biden, burgers, and the Fresh Prince reboot than the matter at hand. But they weren’t through. Enter Steven Seagal (Bowen Yang, hilarious), Putin’s puffy pal and arguably the most reviled SNL host in the show’s history.

“Putin and I are, as they say in ancient Japan, Eskimo brothers,” said Seagal.

The bit ended with Trump serenading Putin with “a little song from me to you.”

“Your looks are laughable, unphotographable, yet you’re my favorite work of art,” he sang.

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