Scouting Report: Gordon Ramsay’s new HexClad cookware makes cooking fun and easy

Love him or hate him, Gordon Ramsay knows his way around a kitchen, so when I heard the celebrity chef had launched a brand-new cookware collection, I figured it would probably be pretty darn good. I’m not the kind of person that would want to buy something just because a celebrity had their name on it, and given that I’ve never actually watched a full episode of any of Ramsay’s shows (he has several, right?), I didn’t actually care that he was the face of the brand. All I know is that when I saw what his cookware claimed to do, I knew it sounded like exactly what my family and I needed.

Never mind how beautiful this stainless steel exterior cookware is—I didn’t really care about that; what impressed me was how practical and versatile it claimed to be since that’s what I need in my kitchen. Not only are these pots and pans metal utensils safe (which is necessary in my household since I can’t keep certain family members from scraping forks and spoons across the bottom of my fancy pots and pans), they’re also oven-safe up to 500 degrees and dishwasher-safe, making clean-up a lot easier.

Also note that the non-stick coating (which has no chemical coatings, by the way!) wipes up easily, making cleaning with dish soap and washcloth or sponge easy, breezy, beautiful. The handles also stay cool when cooking, meaning I can make my 13-year-old nephew help me make dinner without worrying he’ll burn himself. The pans are induction-ready and they are all backed by a lifetime warranty. If this were an infomercial, this is would be the part where the host stares directly at the camera and dares you to try to find a better bargain on the market.

HexClad Six-Piece Cookware Set

I didn’t want (or need) the entire 13-piece Hybrid Cookware Set so I went with a few key items that were specific to my family’s wants and needs: a wok, a deep sauté pan/chicken fryer, and a big ass 14-inch sauté pan. They also offer a few other sets (six and seven-piece) too.

I’ve never owned a wok but I eat loads of stir fries so I’ve always wanted to try one and I’m pleased to say that this 12-inch Hybrid Wok lived up to my expectations. Having the deep, angled sides meant that I can swirl veggies around in the pan more easily without having them fly out the sides. I even tried the hand flip move they do on TV where you toss the pan so the veggies fly high up in the air and mix around (without having to use a spoon) and it worked! Perfectly cooked veggies with no mess and no additional utensils that needed to be cleaned. Win-win-win.

HexClad 12-Inch Hybrid Wok

Having given up meat nearly 20 years, I have zero use for a 7-quart Chicken Fryer but my sister said she would use it and it also doubles as a deep sauté pan so we decided to try it. Well, she hasn’t deep fried any birds but she’s been sautéing and braising chicken in the pan before adding rice, veggies, and spices and throwing the whole thing in the oven to turn it into a casserole (we’re from the Midwest, casseroles are what we do).

On my birthday, we couldn’t find any glass pans that were large enough to accommodate the spectacular (and spectacularly time-consuming) vegan lasagna my sister bakes for me on special occasions so she decided to take her chances with the 7-quart chicken fryer. I mean, it was large, wide, deep, had a lid, and was oven-safe, so why not? It was the first time I’d ever seen a circular lasagna but, to our surprise, it actually turned out great. Way to go, Gordon!

The third dish I tried out was the 14-inch Hybrid Pan which, if I had to choose three words to describe it, would be: BIG. Well, welcome to Hell’s Kitchen because this pan is pretty amazing. I wanted to try it because I figured the enormous pan could accommodate meals for my family of six.

What I didn’t expect, however, was how tall the pot would be (the lid itself is about 3 inches tall) so I was concerned about finding space to store it. Since these pans are built to last, they can handle being nested inside one another so that’s how I’ve been storing them. The 12-inch wok fits perfectly inside the 12-inch pan (the wok’s bottom is more narrow than the top, remember?), and the 12-inch pan rests beautifully inside the 14-inch pan. I then stack the different lids one on top of each other on top of the pans and all is well in the world.

HexClad 14-Inch Hybrid Pan

Why would someone need a pan with a lid that’s so dang high? For preparing meals that need to cook down significantly or that might require a lot of air circulation. I’ve been roasting whole cauliflowers (which require a taller pan) and sautéing enormous amounts of kale and spinach that cook down to tiny portions but which require a lot of space before they begin to wilt.

Since the pan is oven-safe, it could also hold a chicken or small pork or beef roast if that’s your thing. A quick note on the 12-and 14-inch pans, make sure that your stove is big enough to accommodate them because if you have a small stove, these pans may spill over onto the second burner, meaning 1) you can’t use that second burner and 2) the pan won’t cook evenly if the pan’s size means the main burner only hits one half of the pan. If you have a smaller stove, go with the 8-inch pan or the 10-inch pan; they’re basically the same pan, just smaller.

Whichever pots or pans you go with, you really can’t go wrong with the HexClad cookware. So, get in the kitchen, get cooking, and let me know what time dinner is ready.

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