Prince Harry is likely to miss Prince Philip’s memorial at the end of this month and the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, but may instead make a “personal visit” to his grandmother next month when he is traveling to Europe to attend the Invictus Games, a source has told The Daily Beast.

The concept of Harry dropping in to “pay his respects” privately to his grandmother will help pave the way for a larger reconciliation between the Sussexes and the Windsors. It may also provide a convenient way for Harry to show that his beef is with the institution of royalty, not his esteemed grandma herself—and there is always the possibility that Harry could overcome his security concerns to bring baby Lilibet to meet her namesake for the first time. A photo of that meeting would be a valuable PR boost to the increasingly fractured Windsor family.

The source told The Daily Beast there was a significant level of confusion over Harry’s movements on both sides this summer, saying: “Things have changed. He was hoping to attend the Philip memorial, but that is now considered more unlikely. The jubilee is a bit harder to call right now. They have no formal role in it and are not expected to be on the (Buckingham Palace) balcony. It’s not ruled out, but the assumption now is that he won’t come because the people who would need to know have not been told he is. However, he is coming to Europe next month for Invictus [the games take place in Holland in April]. The theory is that he could easily stop in and pay his respects to his grandmother in this jubilee year then.”

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