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I’ll let you in on a little secret: Glade Plug-Ins kinda suck. Seriously! You’re either completely overwhelmed by the fragrance or you literally can’t smell a thing. That’s a major design flaw. So when I saw that my favorite candle brand, Nest Fragrances, was launching what looked like their own version of a plug-in diffuser, I was skeptical. But reader, it’s what a Glade Plug-In wishes it was.

I got to test out this little device thanks to the brand and I never want to go back to anything else for non-flammable scent dispersion. With the Smart Home Fragrance diffuser, Nest teamed up with Pura, a smart fragrance diffuser brand. And what’s so smart about this diffuser? Well, let me tell you. This hockey puck-sized plug-in connects to the Pura app on your phone, enabling you to control the intensity of the scent from anywhere, switch between the two scents that fit into the device, and set a scent schedule. The app geolocation technology that releases scent when you come home and turns it off when you leave. If you don’t need that though, you can easily turn it off in your settings. You thought a smart thermostat was cool? It’s got nothing on this bad boy. It’s even Alexa-compatible!

The set comes with two vials, one with the classic Holiday scent and another of Birchwood Pine (my personal favorite holiday scent from the brand). If you run out of your scents, you can easily purchase more from Nest. Additional scents include Bamboo and Grapefruit. This is truly a game-changer for those rooms in your home that you want smelling fresh but can’t leave a candle burning in. 

Nest Fragrances Smart Home Fragrance diffuser

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