Some of Mike Lindell’s closest allies alleging fraud in the 2020 election, including pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood and former professor turned self-fashioned election expert David Clements, believe the MyPillow CEO has been duped.

The infighting couldn’t come at a worse time for the pillow magnate as he continues to attempt to bring his complaint to the Supreme Court to quixotically attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

Both Wood and Clements shared a Telegram posting Thursday night on their respective channels claiming that right-wing journalist Mary Fanning, an associate of Lindell’s and an individual who was a producer of his initial voter fraud documentary Absolute Proof, had a hand in subverting the pillow tycoon’s mission to overturn the 2020 election by being secretly aligned with Dominion Voting Systems.

Subsequently, Clements suggested “spooks” might have been “deployed to surround and infiltrate” the orbit of the pillow salesman, while Wood told his over half-million followers: “Like many, I believe Mike [Lindell] has been played at times by the enemy,” adding that “The enemy is the master of deceit and the deceiver of deceivers.”

“The Deep State plays many games. But every game ends in time,” Wood further wrote alongside a picture of himself and Lindell.

Reached for comment by The Daily Beast on Thursday night, Wood said Lindell has been a victim of “deception.”

Lindell responded to the accusations by telling The Daily Beast that the duo’s claims are “all rubbish stuff.”

He continued: “God uses evil for good, all things for good. God uses all things for good, whether they are evil, whether they’re not, or whether they’re good.”

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