Dr. Evil gets a major rebrand as Dr. EV-il (as in, electric vehicle) in a hilarious new Super Bowl commercial for General Motors. The ad reunites the beloved Austin Powers cast, with Mike Myers resurrecting his satirical supervillain Dr. Evil, Rob Lowe as Number Two, Seth Green as Scott Evil, and Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina.

Set at GM’s global headquarters, the ad highlights the brand’s increasing commitment to offering environmentally friendly electric vehicles. When Dr. Evil’s minions tell him that climate change is the world’s number one threat, he plots to take over General Motors so he can use the brand’s electric car technology to reverse the environmental crisis.

“Dr. Evil,” Lowe says, “You are now the number two threat to the world.” Myers replies, “I refuse to be number two, Number Two.” As Dr. EV-il, he’ll stop climate change from destroying the world so that he can do it himself.

Dr. Evil seems unimpressed when Frau Farbissina says they’ll reduce their carbon footprint, but he nonetheless declares, “We’re going all-electric” before running to a fleet of shiny GM electric vehicles.

The commercial also introduces a new addition to the Evil lineage: Scott’s newborn son, Kyle. In the final reveal, viewers see that Baby Kyle bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather—in fact, he has the exact same face. Dr. Evil tells him, “One day you’re going to run the company, Baby Me.”

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