Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade curiously suggested on Thursday that every child in America should eventually “sue their parents” and teachers over school mask mandates, all while reminding the kids that Fox News has “been calling for an end to this.”

Kilmeade, who has raged against colleagues for “recommending” vaccines and said it’s not the government’s job to “protect anybody” against COVID-19, appeared on Fox News’ “straight news” program America Reports on Thursday afternoon to dispense his expertise on coronavirus mitigation efforts.

With a number of Democratic-led states now moving towards eliminating indoor mask mandates as Omicron cases plummet, conservative media’s focus has now shifted to public school systems’ insistence on keeping mandatory masking in place for the time being.

Amid the New York Post—owned by the Murdochs, who also control Fox News—blaming teachers’ unions for the mandates, Kilmeade was asked to weigh in on union president Randi Weingarten recently doing an interview without wearing a mask.

“I mean, stand with the students and wear your mask for eight, nine hours a day,” co-anchor Sandra Smith blared before criticizing other Democrats for not wearing masks all day long in solidarity with schoolchildren.

Kilmeade, meanwhile, unleashed a rambling response about the relative ineffectiveness of paper masks in stopping the spread of COVID-19, a non-peer-reviewed study on the impact of lockdowns on the virus, and his belief that “natural immunity matters.”

“Everyone had Omnicron, it seems,” he exclaimed, mispronouncing the variant. “Now guess what? America basically has natural immunity, much higher than the 72 percent that is in the New York Times every day. What I’m trying to say is not only is this theater, these kids are going to grow up and they’re gonna sue everybody!”

The veteran Fox News host then called for all the kids to rise as one and pull the trigger on class-action lawsuits.

“They should sue all their parents! All the teachers,” Kilmeade raged, before adding: “And just for the record, I’m taping this. If you are the next generation, or whatever we decide to call you, we have been calling for the end to this!”

Kilmeade went on to huff that the Biden administration “is not acting” on ending mask mandates while also complaining that his daughters are required to wear masks and be vaccinated at their colleges.

“You cannot get on campus without [being] double vaxxed and a booster,” he grumbled. “Think about the abuse. They don’t know what the heck they are doing and doubling and tripling down, they should be embarrassed.”

After Kilmeade wrapped up his segment, co-anchor John Roberts jokingly tossed out an aside about his colleague’s over-the-top remarks.

“I can’t wait to see Brian’s face when his daughters sue him,” Roberts quipped.

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