After he spent the first several minutes of his monologue complaining that Spider-Man: No Way Home failed to make it onto the list of Best Picture Oscar nominees on Tuesday—without mentioning that Marvel and ABC happen to share the same parent company in Disney—Jimmy Kimmel shifted gears.

“Speaking of great acting, you want to see something funny?” the late-night host asked.

With that he cut to a clip of a speech Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) made on the floor of the House this week in favor of a bill that aims to eliminate forced arbitration in sexual-assault cases—while currently under federal investigation for allegedly sex trafficking minors.

“The fine print should be a reason that someone is more likely to endure sexual harassment in the workplace,” Gaetz declared, “or, more likely, to evade consequence as the result of predatory behavior.”

“But what if the predator is inside the House… of Representatives?” Kimmel asked in response. He then asked, “How great would it have been if Chris Hansen had walked in right at that moment and took him away?” referring to the To Catch a Predator host, who had his own run-in with the authorities last year.

From there, Kimmel moved on to “new information on the documents and items our former Predator-In-Chief grabbed inappropriately on his way out the door” of the White House.

Among the materials Trump is said to have illegally taken to Mar-a-Lago is the map of Hurricane Dorian’s trajectory that he comically edited with a Sharpie.

“Why he took that, I don’t know,” Kimmel said. “It seemed like that was one of the few genuinely embarrassing moments for Trump. He got very defensive about it. He probably took it home to flush it down a gold-plated toilet or something.”

“I don’t know what I love more,” he added, “the fact that he kept that map or the fact that it’s now in the National Archives so future generations may gaze upon its awesome stupidity.”

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