If you’re anything like me, then you’re a person who actually can’t function without that sweet, beautiful creation we call caffeine. I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was in high school (really unique, I know.) and have tried tons of alternatives:

1. Red Bull

2. Suffering

Neither of these were sustainable options because I need the little kick-in-the-butt that coffee gives me or else I’m subject to yelling at someone I love. I truly didn’t know there was a real coffee alternative until I found Tenzo Tea.

I’d heard of matcha before but I had always thought it was some pistachio-green drink that would cost $14 at Starbucks. Turns out, it’s concentrated green tea powder that tastes incredible and gives more of a boost than my ole cup o’ Joe. Tenzo knows what they are doing with this stuff because I am energized throughout my day without feeling jitters, anxiety, and eventually crashing. You might be thinking, “Yeah, but coffee beans are cheap.” Well, get this—Tenzo Tea could cost you less than $1 a day.

Yeah. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention how easy this stuff is to make in the morning.

  • Mix 1 tsp Tenzo Tea with 2oz water in a glass (the hardest part)
  • Add ice cubes
  • Combine with some milk (optional)
  • Why are you still reading the steps if you finished making it??

If you’re interested in trying Tenzo, you can sign up for their trial package that comes with 60 servings of matcha and a free matcha mixer. Not to mention it is 35 percent off!

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