I know people swear by adding collagen powder to their coffee in the morning for some added protein, but whenever I do that, it’s clumpy and has a bit of a funky aftertaste. I’m all about sneaking in extra nutrients, especially in something like coffee which I’m drinking every day anyway, I’m just not about chunks of collagen in weird-tasting coffee. This is why I’m so glad I found ICONIC keto collagen coffee blend. Not only is this coffee powder packed with focus-enhancing adaptogens like lion’s mane and reishi mushrooms, but it’s also delicious and tastes like a morning treat.

ICONIC comes in a small tub, much like protein powder, and is dairy, soy, gluten, and sugar-free. It’s definitely different from a standard drip coffee and much to my delight, it tastes like a $6 latte I’d get at a coffee shop. You can prepare ICONIC hot or cold, but my personal favorite way is adding it to a glass of almond milk and mixing it with a hand frother. It’s also great blended with ice and a banana for a coffee protein shake.

ICONIC Keto Collagen Coffee

Down from $40

I’ve been disappointed by other coffee-flavored protein powders in the past, simply because they don’t have any caffeine, so I can’t truly substitute it for my morning cup of joe. Luckily, ICONIC has 100mg of caffeine and can get my day going with a kick. This blend also includes Four Sigmatic lion’s mane and reishi, which among its many benefits, helps boost brain health, improves your mood and focus, and strengthens your natural immunity.

When I have ICONIC in the morning, I feel focused and energized throughout the day, and I feel good knowing I snuck in some collagen protein and nutrients to my breakfast. Especially on days when I want something sweet to go with my eggs, this coffee powder is the one I reach for.


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