The Boulders, Beaver, Utah (Vrbo): It seems like almost everywhere in the country is covered in ice and snow and generally atrocious weather right now. Which means you have two options: you can crawl under the covers and refuse to come out until springtime, or you can make a lemon slushy out of these lemon icicles and embrace the elements by planning your next ski trip. While the crowds descend on places like Park City and Aspen and Beaver Creek, keep the spirit of distancing alive by heading somewhere a little off the beaten path. Somewhere like Beaver, Utah.

The first—and maybe only—thing you need to know about this house is that it has 360-degrees of gorgeous views. It is mountains and snow as far as you can see from every window in the house.

Winter means it’s cabin season. We like to think that, during this time of the year, all the other houses slip away and the only option offered by any rental platform is one snow chalet after another. We also like to imagine that Oprah is presiding over this winter holiday home glut, shouting, “You get a cabin and you get a cabin. Every-body gets-a-cozy-cabin.”

And everybody deserves a cozy cabin after the past few years. But we should probably take this time to define what we mean by “cozy.” In this case, it’s a 2,900-square-foot home that can comfortably pack in your 15 closest friends and that has a kitchen any Gordon Ramsay-approved home chef would drool over.

But even better, this house is ski in and ski out. That means you can roll out of bed, pour yourself a strong cup of coffee, step into your perfect ski room (otherwise known as a mud room in less snowy climes), put on your warmest jackets and bibs, and immediately hit the slopes as soon as you step out your own back door.

Thanks to this perfectly placed balcony, that also means that anyone in your party who isn’t a fan of speeding down a steep mountain on a couple of sticks can choose to spend their days wrapped up on the porch with a bottle of bubbly or a Bloody Mary, ready and waiting to cheer on—or heckle, you do you—their nearest and dearest as they fly past.

This home is associated with the Eaglepoint Resort, which means guests have access to all the amenities and activities on offer without having to deal with their fellow travelers as neighbors. We find we do our best impression of an agreeable human being when we can choose when and where to do it.

There are five bedrooms in this chalet, each with a unique look. But that number is deceptive. The house can comfortably sleep 15. How? You’ll have to skip forward for that answer. In the meantime, sweet dreams of fresh powder.

The only downside of this house is that it doesn’t have a hot tub for all your post-ski soaks. But it does have this oversized tub fit for one. Who wants to share a hot tub with their dirty friends and family, anyway? It’s much more enjoyable to whip up a hot toddy and jump in the tub while you let someone else take care of the kids and the kitchen.

A previous guest gave this home one of the only reviews that matters. They wrote, “Lots of room to spread out or be together.” Space, my friends, is the key to a happy family vacation.

There is one note of caution here. In order to stay in a house that allows you both space from the ordinary ol’ resort guests and the experience of stepping out your door and immediately hitting slopes, that home has to be on a mountain. That means, you best rent a car with great snow tires and 4-wheel drive or your approach up the driveway might get a little tricky.

And here is the answer to that math problem. We present the classic snow chalet bunk room. Most normal vacation homes can comfortably host only a handful of guests. But mountain homes are all about packing them in. This bunk boudoir has eight single beds where you can put up any extra friends and family who want to tag along.

The one conundrum of a winter vacation is what to do to occupy the big and little monsters when everyone is cold and tired of being outside. The Boulders has the answer in this lovely game room that comes equipped with air hockey, a ping pong table, darts, board games, and more. If you squint your eyes and designate one of your group’s members as the resident mixologist, you just might think this room is the love child of Dave & Busters and your favorite local watering hole.

And for those who are sports-a-holics, there is no lack of extreme activities to keep you occupied. In the winter, there is sledding, snowboarding, skiing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling; in the summer, your crazy crew has the option to fish, hike, kayak, mountain bike, or do a little rock climbing.

The weather may be crazy, the world may be unpredictable, but one thing will always stay the same as this photo proves—there is nothing better than a sunset on vacation. Except, maybe, a sunset on vacation with the most delicious cocktail of your life in hand. Cheers!

Book Your Stay: The Boulders, Beaver, Utah: $720/night via Vrbo

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