Tucker Carlson on Wednesday criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for speaking out against the spread of misinformation on Spotify podcasts like the one hosted by Joe Rogan.

Over a chyron reading “Fake Duchess and Brain-Dead Husband Threaten Spotify,” Carlson accused the royal pair of contributing to pro-censorship demands faced by many companies today, “from breakfast cereal manufacturers to tennis shoe retailers.” In such an environment, he claimed, it is “virtually impossible” to run a public company.

“The political pressure is coming at these companies from all sides—from activist investors, from the media, from their own employees. Every day is a brand new crisis,” Carlson whined.

“And under those circumstances, it is impossible to think clearly, to stand on principle or even consider your own best interest long term.”

A guest of Rogan’s who espoused conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine inspired a group of nearly 300 doctors, scientists, and nurses to write to Spotify requesting that it warn listeners about misinformation. Musicians like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell then issued an ultimatum to the streaming platform, and ended up pulling their music.

The royal couple also weighed in, saying in a statement that “hundreds of millions of people are affected by the serious harms of rampant mis- and disinformation every day.” The pair first voiced their concerns over Spotify’s handling of the issue last April.

Carlson’s response was to mock “that annoying fake duchess from L.A. and her brain-dead husband” for speaking out against what they thought was wrong and dangerous.

“But of course they don’t mean it. They’re not going anywhere,” Carlson said, shifting the topic to the couple’s own endeavors. “These two grifters have a $25 million podcast deal with Spotify for essentially no work.”

The pair has an exclusive multi-year partnership with Spotify, the streaming service announced in December 2020. But as of last week, the pair have produced just 35 minutes of content—something Carlson gleefully seized upon, as if their lack of material invalidates their stance on misinformation.

“These two have been paid about a million dollars for each minute of talking they’ve done,” Carlson said. “That’s a good gig. It’s too good to leave.”

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