I don’t know about you, but I personally love a two-in-one beauty product—especially when it promises to lengthen and thicken my lashes. As a long time fan of Freck Beauty, I’m never surprised when they launch a new beauty innovation (I truly love every single one of their SKUs, from their O.G. freckle pen to their amazing Cheek Slim blushes), but when I caught news of the recently launched LASHROCKET Liquid Eyeliner that’s infused with a proprietary lash-lengthening serum, I was downright thrilled.

I may not always wear liquid liner, but I make sure to apply my lash and brow serums every single day without fail. Unfortunately though, if I do want to layer makeup on top of them, I get worried it won’t work its magic as well with extra product piled on top. Plus, it’s another step, and frankly, I’m pretty lazy. Enter Freck’s LASHROCKET Liner, which not only serves extra-black pigment that glides over your lids like a damn dream but also doubles as a lash serum.

Now, because I don’t wear eyeliner that often anymore, it’s safe to say that applying it isn’t exactly my forte. Lucky for me, Freck’s founder and CEO, Remi Brixton was down to give me (and Scouted readers!) an exclusive tutorial on how to achieve her signature abstract wing look using the peptide-infused formula. For reference, the first time I used the new liner, I followed along with her steps and I was truly shocked at how stellar my wing turned out—not to mention the fact that it lasted literally all day long. Check out her easy-t0-follow step and shop the new LASHROCKET liner below.

Photo: Remi Brixton/Freck Beauty.

Step 1: Using our new LASHROCKET Liner, I like to start by drawing a line on the outer corner of my eye toward my brow tail. The easiest way for me to do this is by stamping the tip of the liner going out from the corner of my eye if I’m going for quick & foolproof. The flexi-tip is great for this step, it basically does the job for me.

Step 2: I look STRAIGHT forward into the mirror & drop my chin about an inch. I have slightly hooded eyes & this step is so simple but a complete game changer. Connect between the outermost part of the wing to just above your pupil with one confident swipe (you can always clean up after).

Step 3: There’s gonna be a gap. I’ll connect the top line by stamping the tip of the liner straight down to the upper lash line.

Step 4: Fill it all in, and make sure to trace the liner across the entire upper lash line (this is going to give me maximum lash-enhancing benefits)

Step 6: Once I have my initial wing fully drawn out, it’s time for the fun part – the crease flick! Starting at the outermost part of my wing, I’m drawing a short line straight into my crease. (this can be as minimal or dramatic as you’d like, for this look I went with something in between).

Step 7: Connect the tip of my little crease flick back down to my main wing, creating a small curve (think of an upside-down Nike swoosh).

Step 8. Fill it all in, et voila!

This highly-pigmented liner is designed with a no-dry inkwell is partnered and extra precise (yet slightly flexible) brush tip to allow you to create bold lines for a statement cat-eye or subtle strokes for a simple french flick. Best of all, this stuff lasts all day and doesn’t smudge, flake, or come off until you want it to.

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