Western-inspired cowboy (and cowgirl) boots have proven to be a cyclical—but impressively enduring—trend. I first tried out the cowboy boot trend back in the mid-aughts in high school, pairing tall boots with mini skirts and maxi dresses inspired by looks that the “off-duty” models of the time were all wearing on repeat. I eventually retired my cowboy boots in favor of ankle booties in the later 2000s, but I’m happy to report that the cowboy boot trend is officially back—and it’s looking like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future.

While cowboy boots come and go every few years or so—never declining to the point of hitting an editor’s dreaded “out” list—they’re officially back yet again for 2022. Like clockwork, western footwear re-entered our zeitgeist in the fall and winter of this year, making what might’ve been its biggest resurgence to date.

One of the best things about the resurrected cowboy boot trend is that you can customize the look according to your comfort level (we know there’s an inherent reluctance to try cowboy-inspired footwear out of fear of looking like you’re in costume). For instance, you can try an entry-level ankle boot pair that subtly nod to the Texas shoe staple, or go full speed with knee-high cowboy boots. Want to take the trend to the next level? There are plenty of cowboy boots embellished with country-chic details like rhinestones and cowgirl-approved embroidery to try out too.

Whatever level of wild west dressing you decide to go with, the most foolproof way to rock the western boot trend without looking like you’re rodeo-bound (or worse, costume party bound) is to invest in a quality pair constructed with premium leather and thoughtful stitching. Because the trend has made such a viral comeback in recent months, there are plenty of low-brow iterations of the classic look that ultimately fall short in terms of design, which can result in your entire get-up looking cheap or garish. Scroll through below to check out the best cowboy boot brands to shop online.

If you’re looking for a solid pair of cowboy boots that feature quality construction, classic Ranch craftsmanship, and contemporary details, look no further than Texas-based brand Tecovas. Each pair of handmade in Mexico with premium leather and hand-laid cording, so each pair has a bespoke look and feel. Considering the quality of Tecovas boots, their price points are remarkably reasonable, averaging at about $200 a pair for both men and women’s styles.

Designed in San Angelo, Texas, and handmade in Spain, Ranch Road Boots’ classic western footwear honors traditional gaucho style while merging modern touches with established traditions. Ranch Road boots founder Sarah Ford remains committed to designing “custom-like” western boots that’ll be closet staples for decades. I’ve been seeing this brand all over Instagram lately, so it’s no wonder they’re having trouble keeping stock replenished.

For a heritage western brand with a solid reputation and super fair price points, look no further than Ariat. Aside from their dedication to maintaining authentic craftsmanship and superior quality, Ariat is also committed to innovation to improve comfort, durability, and performance. For their western boots, price points range from about $60 to $200.

For those who like their footwear with a bit of flair, Old Gringo’s boots are it. Featuring a large variety of women’s western boots in a range of different levels of embellishment, this luxury boot brand has something for every aspiring cowgirl or cowboy. Each handmade pair of boots undergoes a meticulous 275 step process to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship, design, comfort, and durability. Price points range from $250 to about $500.

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