It’s pretty much impossible to log on to Twitter these days without seeing the word Wordle or that telltale cluster of green and yellow squares in your feed. So it should come as no surprise that spin-off versions of the online brain teaser have begun popping up, including one entirely based around Taylor Swift lyrics and references.

The new version of the game is, naturally, called Taylordle, and it was created by the superfans behind the Holy Swift Podcast. “Calling all Swifties who Wordle,” the podcast hosts tweeted on Friday, announcing the new game.

For those who somehow haven’t heard of it, Wordle is an online puzzle in which players try to guess the secret five-letter word of the day. After each attempt, the squares change color to reflect the accuracy of your guess—green if you guessed the right letter in the right place, yellow for the right letter in the wrong place, and gray for incorrect guesses. It’s proven to be massively addicting, with nearly 3 million players around the world trying to crack the word every day.

Swifties know a thing or two about cracking codes—given the pop star’s affinity for easter eggs in her music videos, subtle repeated lyrics in songs written years apart, and clue-riddled album lead-ups—so it’s hard to think of a fandom more suited to this type of game. True fans know, for instance, that the fifth song on a Swift album is usually the most personal one, and that 13 is her lucky number. In the Swiftian universe, emojis are loaded with emotional significance, from the snake during her darker Reputation era to the scarf during the Red (Taylor’s Version) re-release.

In other words, the Taylordle creators will have plenty of words to choose from, to say nothing of Swift’s vast catalog packed with countless memorable lyrics. (One five-letter word that probably won’t make the cut? Damon.)

You can try the game for yourself at Here’s a hint for today’s puzzle: it’s both a lyric and a mythically regarded physical object. As Ms. Swift herself once infamously chanted in the bridge of the song “ME!,” “Hey, kids! Spelling is fun!”

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