Sweatpants are pants I can get behind. I wore jeans the other day for maybe the first time in five months, and all I could think was why did we ever do this to ourselves? I mean, it’s true, we did need a way to look nice, put together, and for going out in public — sweatpants as much as I love them, simply don’t cut it. Even though we don’t really need pants that serve that function right this moment, I think part of us, part of me at least, still wants them. It’s nice to not wear sweatpants while working from home, or really, all day every day, and yet, I also want to wear sweatpants all day every day, too. I want the best of both worlds, and I recently discovered a pant that gives me just that.

Lululemon’s ABC Joggers are sweatpants that you can wear pretty much anywhere. While they fit like sweatpants — comfy cozy — they are made out of a nice looking fabric and are fitted through the leg so you don’t look like a lump. They are made from what Lululemon calls “Everyday Performance, Warpstreme Fabric,” which helps with shape retention, is quick-drying, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and feels smooth to the touch. The pants also come equipped with ABC, if you didn’t know, stands for “Anti-Ball Crushing” (seriously) technology, and I can vouch for that. While ball crushing isn’t something I typically encounter with sweatpants, it is something I encounter far too frequently with jeans (sorry if that’s TMI).

But most importantly, they don’t look like sweats. They look like casual pants you could wear anywhere — whether that’s to a restaurant, a day in the park, or anything in between. I’ll be wearing my ABC joggers until it’s too hot to wear them, and I suggest you do the same.

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