Remember those good ol’ days in long ago 2021 when there was a bright spot where it seemed like the world may be getting back to normal? Well, those dreams have been soundly obliterated by Omicron. The upside is, if you managed to miss the real estate rush of the past two years, now is still the perfect time to secure a new end-of-days retreat. The Barn in Tivoli is a nearly $1.9 million paradise that perfectly fits that description: 3,300 square feet of living space, 4.5 acres to run your frustrations out on outside, access to a creek and woods, and a rural location that’s not too far from the center of the village.

The Hudson River Valley is known for its antiquing, which is the vibe of the main house on this property. The structure was originally built in the late 1800s as a barn, but was renovated to be a charming, rustic modern home with all the luxurious amenities denied its former equine inhabitants.

The property has four bedrooms, which is plenty of space for your family. In even better news, these rooms are spread across two buildings—the main home in the converted barn and a more modern cottage. We strongly believe this set-up should be mandatory in all new properties—enough space for a quarantine bubble but with a layout that allows the crew to spread out for much needed alone time.

The property has four bathrooms, but we claim this one as its the perfect setting for our cozy weekly soaks. It’s not an activity you engage in to avoid your family if it can be classified as self care, right?

The living area in the main house has a Vermont Castings wood stove that is perfectly paired with a woodshed out back. Now keeping that woodshed filled and your living room fire roaring is up to the collective muscles (athletic or financial—we don’t judge) in your group.

While the kitchen may have that authentic, rustic feel, rest assured that it is equipped with all the finest culinary accessories.

The newest owner will benefit from the current dream team. The home is being sold by a duo who was perfectly positioned to carry out the recent renovation: one is an artist, the other is a designer and builder. The greatest result of their partnership is right here. OK, fine. The Barn at Tivoli is tied with what we hope is their work creating a healthy, happy, and long life together.

While this view may make you think you’ve traveled back in time to an earlier, more rugged era, rest assured that warming bricks will not be required at the bottom of your bed to stay warm during a cold winter’s night.

This property is a paradise for all lovers of fresh air (a.k.a everyone). There are several different sitting areas equipped with fire pits, making outdoor wine gabfests possible even in the colder months. There’s also an outdoor shower, and a backyard deck dedicated to downward dog sessions overlooking Stoney Creek.

Welcome to the more modern cottage, which still feels of a piece with the property’s main attraction even though it has a little less wood on the walls. Nothing says a 2022 rural retreat like an antique wood stove paired with a giant flatscreen.

The home is located in Tivoli, which is a little hamlet in the Hudson River Valley. While the property gives you that “getting away from it all” feel, it is only a few minutes away from all the hamlet’s amenities and just a little farther from some of the best towns in the area, including Hudson and Rhinebeck.

This light-filled cottage is exactly what we would picture in a place that qualifies as a “hamlet,” which always fills us with visions of animated wildlife and happy-go-lucky Disney characters.

The cottage has its own historical bonafides. It was built around 1972 and has two bedrooms as well as its own living areas. It also has the very modern amenities of an exercise room and an office, all the better to live your best work-from-home life.

Now this is what we call a skylight! While the other tub gives off more of that cozy bubble bath vibe, this one has the added bonus of allowing you to stargaze while taking your after-dark soak.

Some properties are outdoor imposters, creating an illusion of a rustic feel while being just steps away from neighbors and the modern world. Rest assured that this property is the real deal. The over four-acres are home to a thriving kitchen garden, a woods with over 20 different types of trees, and access to a creek, including its own private pebble beach. If we’re going to be forced to live in the COVID world, we’d prefer to do it in a place just like this.

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