Scouting Report: The Rumpl Merino SoftWool Throw is the only blanket you’ll ever need. It’s soft, durable, and beautiful to look at, made from a blend of Australian Merino wool and organic cotton.

Every blanket I own smells like a dog. This is because I lay under a blanket practically every second that I’m on a couch, leave said blanket on said couch, only to find my dog curled up on top of it. He’s so cute that I cannot, in good conscience, move him from the soft nest he has created for himself. But now that my go-to blanket is this wool one from Rumpl, I have zero qualms about shifting him to the side or taking great care to move the blanket away from the danger zone. It’s just too precious.

What is it about this blanket that has changed my moral compass? First of all, it’s the perfect size. It’s a throw blanket, so it fits perfectly over my small frame with enough room to tuck it under my legs when need be, though it also comes in queen and king sizes. It’s made from merino wool, blended with organic cotton, that is soft right out of the package (which was a neatly zippered case)—there’s no downtime between owning the blanket and it being soft enough to lay your face on, something my Pendletons could not boast. It comes in a handful of neutral colors that feature a geometric lined pattern that will go with practically any style of decor. Plus, it’s reversible.

The bulk of my blanket collection is gathering dust in a bin, nestled together in an amalgamation of smells. Yes, I could wash them more often, but in reality, I only want to lay under the Rumpl Merino SoftWool Throw.

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