If you had asked me a year ago, I would’ve told you that I was an excellent sleeper —I didn’t need anything to help me out in that department. But this past year has been filled with anxiety, dread, and well, restlessness. So, I started experimenting with CBD here and there. There’s a tea I really like that I drink before bed on occasion and some CBD incense I light from time to time as well. The more I toyed with CBD, the more I started to realize that CBD was actually helpful for me. It was calming— like a vitamin in ways—supplementing natural chemicals that I may lack. I decided to explore it further as an anxiety supplement and sleep aid. I’m glad I continued my search because as a result, I’ve never slept better.

To be honest, the whole tincture world of CBD isn’t my cup of tea. And so when I was first sent the Healist Sleep Chews I was excited because, well, I love gummies. Each gummy is filled with 10mg of CBD —the package recommends you eat two about thirty minutes before bed and try to do it at the same time, consistently. They taste great, like a fresh slice of orange, but what I like most is that the CBD is also complimented with valerian root, L-theanine (found in green and black tea to promote drowsiness), Lavender and Chamomile extracts, and terpene blend. In short, it’s filled with plenty of natural relaxants.

But how well do they work? For me, extremely. Not only do I find myself lulled to sleep within minutes of my face hitting the pillow, I also stay that way. No more waking up in the middle of the night and then feeling exhausted the next morning. Even better, any concern I had about feeling groggy the next morning was wiped away instantly. I wake up each morning feeling refreshed, and like I slept as I should: soundly.

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