While I definitely consider a bar of dark chocolate, scented candles, and a jar of half-sour pickles—yes, really—as my all-time favorite things, indoor plants have also earned a permanent spot on my faves list. Not only do they add character to any home, but, for me, watching my succulents, devil’s ivy, cactus, and prayer plants grow is a treat within itself. After all, caring for something else does make you feel a bit more confident and responsible—even during all those times when you feel like you’re barely mastering the art of adulting.

Alas, unlike some prized planters, I will admit that my plant parenting skills are still a work in process. That means I’m still making a lot of mistakes along the way—overwatering my plants at times, sometimes giving my plants too much sun, and still trying to understand the whole changing the pH-balance of your soil thing. But, always eager to add some new plant children to my growing family—and hopefully learn some new planting skills along the way—I was happy to get my hands on The Sill Living Room Duo Plant Set to test my green thumb. Besides, since the set offers two low-maintenance plants, I figured it would be perfect for my budding skill set level to handle.

The Sill Living Room Duo Plant Set

Now, this set contains two plants—namely the Philodendron and Snake Plant Laurentii. Upon their arrival, I was charmed by their beauty instantly. Not only do they add a pop of green to my marble coffee table, but they also came with a sleek ceramic planter, so I got to practice my potting skills too. Phew. Caring for these plants (so far) has been fairly easy—they don’t require frequent watering and are able to tolerate low indirect light. Basically, because they are so non-fussy, you won’t even notice they are there.

Also helpful? The Sill’s helpful care guides that come with the plants. Not only does it provide detailed watering and light instructions for you, but it also clues you into sad plant signs to watch out for so you can attempt to save them before they actually die. So, are these houseplants worth the splurge? Absolutely—especially if you want a pair of plants so low-maintenance they’re basically impossible to kill. Plus, because this set is great for beginners, it’ll allow you to build upon your planting skills over time, and get ready to move onto more challenging blooms.

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