One year after he found himself in the middle of the January 6th Capitol riot, Jordan Klepper returned to the scene of the crime last week. And while he once again found plenty of random Trump fanatics to interview, the highlight of his latest Daily Show field piece was a chance encounter with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

“Unlike last year, today there was a peace, a quiet,” Klepper said in his new dispatch. “A calm that almost suggested perhaps our country is truly healing from the events of that day.” Of course, that was before he found a guy in a “Fuck Biden” T-shirt screaming at CNN’s John King to “go fuck himself.”

With “our nation’s leaders respectfully divided on how to best remember the day,” Klepper both mocked Democrats like Nancy Pelosi for using a Hamilton song to commemorate the moment and Republicans like Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who planned to retrace the steps of the “patriotic Americans” who stormed the Capitol.

As it turned out, Klepper caught up with Gaetz just as he was being whisked away in his SUV. But he did manage to get in a few questions before he sped off.

“Hey Matt Gaetz, if you’re going to reenact the events of January 6th, who’s going to take a shit in the rotunda and also, who’s going to make the gallows?” he asked. “Isn’t this a little bit childish, Matt? Or is that what attracts you to this?”

He had better luck getting actual answers from Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), who told him, “When it comes to insurrectionists, fuck ‘em, I don’t give a fuck.”

For more, listen to The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper on The Last Laugh podcast.

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