“Rejoice,” Joe Rogan wrote earlier this month when he joined Gettr, the MAGA-friendly Twitter alternative founded by former Trump aide Jason Miller.

Now the influential comedian and podcaster seemingly regrets his decision, blasting the social-media app this week as a “fugazi” site that engages in “fuckery.”

“I might be part of the Chinese Communist Party now, I believe,” Rogan joked on Monday—referencing how Gettr is bankrolled by exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui—after fellow comedian Tim Dillon noted how the former Fear Factor host had recently joined Gettr and generated a flurry of media headlines.

“Well, the news story is their fucking amount of people that signed up increased by 1,150% or something” as a result of his joining, Rogan remarked on The Tim Dillon Show.

“Yeah, you have like 9 million followers on Gettr,” Dillon responded, before Rogan tossed cold water on that metric. “Yeah, it’s not real, though,” he explained, “Gettr doesn’t even have 9 million people.” According to the podcasting star, the social-media site merely combines pre-existing Twitter followings to its user profiles.

“This is where the fuckery is,” Rogan continued. “They take all my Twitter followers… and then they port those over.”

“So Gettr is fugazi,” Dillion replied.

“Definitely fugazi,” Rogan agreed.

The comedian then suggested that he’d consider removing his Gettr profile, but “I don’t know how to get off,” he remarked. “Like if I get off of Gettr, I don’t think I can.”

“You have you have to sit down with Marjorie Taylor Greene, personally,” Dillon joked.

“She’s gonna tell me all about what’s in the basement of Comet Pizza,” Rogan chuckled in response.

“We’ve been in contact with Joe Rogan’s team and hope that we have addressed any concerns he may have,” Jason Miller wrote in a statement to The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

Rogan’s mockery of Gettr appeared to further fuel some far-right media personalities’ criticism of the social media site.

“It’s interesting that Joe Rogan is also suspicious of Gettr,” Blaze TV host Elijah Schaffer commented, “after learning about the Chinese funding, follower inflation, blocking of political dissidents they disagree with, leftist dog whistles in [terms of service], Democrat background of staff, AWS servers.”

And last week, right-wing shock jock Stew Peters similarly attacked Gettr, claiming the site is an “intelligence gathering platform for the enemy to America,” while floating the possibility that Guo might be a “spy” for the Chinese government.

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